Foreword, Introduction and Mission Statement.

Our mission and driving force is to help hundreds of millions of people all over the world to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, WEALTH MASTERY and EMOTIONAL FREEDOM through the principles, tools and strategies taught in Wired For Wealth(TM), in conjunction with the daily use of and reciting of the inspirational affirmations of the I-CAN CREED(TM), thus enabling them to live their DREAM LIFE(TM).

About Wired for Wealth (TM).

The RIGHT PSYCHOLOGY dominates everything when it comes to financial prosperity, abundance and wealth creation. This is the theme and driving force message behind the self-help books, audios, videos, seminars and educational series titled Wired for Wealth(TM), authored and inspired by the Wired For Wealth(TM) founder, creator and visionary Gary A. Ferraro.

Wired for Wealth(TM) is a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind, hands-on practical series of guidebooks, educational materials, audios, videos, webinars, newsletters, seminars, coaching systems, devices and tools to lead you to financial success and to teach you the skill sets and psychology everyone needs to create, maintain and expand financial prosperity for themselves, their families, their business and the world.  It also teaches the skills and psychology necessary to teach people how to outperform and outsmart the investment markets by using the right psychology.

Without the right psychology you would not have the true desire and motivation, nor the right tools and strategies, to have financial prosperity, abundance and lasting, sustainable wealth – or for that matter be a truly successful investor.  OR as we simply like to say, you would not be Wired for Wealth(TM).

Financial prosperity, abundance, wealth, money, assets, investment returns, profits, surplus, income and philanthropy are the by-product of the Right Psychology – which directly or indirectly influences your Physical Wealth, Physical Health, Mental Health and your Soul/Spirit – and your ability and desire to Grow, Contribute and Give Back.

What you don’t know about how to create real, lasting, fulfilling financial prosperity, abundance, financial independence and ultimately your dream life is now and/or has been likely hurting you holding you back.  Wired for Wealth(TM) will show you how to Get there and Stay there – whether the world is in the best or worst of financial times – whether there is uncertainty or certainty – whether there is crises or not – and irregardless of your own personal past history, life circumstances and events.

The Wired for Wealth(TM) books/courses/newsletters/seminars/systems features revolutionary principles and strategies that attracts, educates, programs and empowers people on a rational level both consciously and then most importantly – subconsciously.

It offers the secrets and solutions to creating Financial Prosperity, Abundance, Certainty and the Dream Life that you desire – and deserve.  The approach and strategy of Wired for Wealth(TM) is logical, practical and pragmatic.  It can also be a lot fun.  It is a personal journey as well.  It is not just a series of books, audios, videos and seminars, but also a hands-on system, manuals, road maps and guidebooks based on proven principles, practices and neuroscience focusing on education, understanding, self-discovery, self-transformation, empowerment, action and results using the irrefutable facts and conclusions of neuroscience as part of the basis for that understanding and ultimately the basis for taking the actions and producing the results desired.

Intellectual Property Notices:

Any and all I-CAN CREED(Tm), Wired for Wealth(TM),  Wired for Wealth Dispatch(TM), Wired for Wealth Today(TM), Whyred(TM), Rewhyred(TM), Wired and Inspired(TM), Dream Life(TM), Dream Life Elite Partners(TM) and Lessons from Millionaires(TM) titles, names, logos and/or trademarks, programs, events, webinars and/or seminars are the exclusive, proprietary intellectual property of Wired For Wealth and/or Gary A. Ferraro and/or other respective heirs, executors, assigns and owners.  All of the above and/or any derivation thereof bearing the trademark symbol (TM) are protected by and are copyright and/or trademark protected.  All Rights are Strictly Reserved.

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